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Jet2 Announces Largest Expansion for Summer 2024

Jet2 Announces Largest Expansion for Summer 2024


Leading leisure airlines and UK's largest tour operators, and Jet2holidays, have announced a significant expansion to their Summer 2024 program. 


Responding to high demand, they have added more flights and holidays to 17 sunshine destinations across ten UK bases, extending the summer season to three additional destinations: Tivat, Girona, and Izmir.


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In a bid to meet the strong demand from customers seeking early summer sun,, and Jet2holidays have increased their capacity by adding an extra 75,000 seats to popular sunshine destinations. 


These include Turkey (Antalya, Izmir, and Bodrum), Croatia (Dubrovnik), Mainland Spain (Girona, Alicante, and Reus), the Balearics (Ibiza, Majorca, and Menorca), Montenegro (Tivat), Portugal (Faro), Cyprus (Larnaca), Italy (Naples), Greece (Rhodes), and the Canaries (Tenerife and Gran Canaria) for Summer 24.




The new flights, perfectly timed for the Easter holidays and Spring will operate from March to May 2024. With an increasing number of holidaymakers looking to book or travel earlier in the summer season, and Jet2holidays have added these flights to cater to their preferences.


Expanded Capacity from the UK


The extra capacity has been added from ten UK bases: Belfast International, Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle International, and London Stansted Airports. 


Photo: Lucas Wu | AeroXplorer


This expansion allows customers to enjoy wider choices and flexibility when planning their early summer getaways.


Due to the high demand for flights and ATOL-protected package holidays, and Jet2holidays have advanced the start of their Summer 24 season for three destinations: Tivat, Girona, and Izmir.




Flights to these sunshine hotspots are now on sale earlier than ever, with operations beginning from the end of March to Girona and Izmir and from the beginning of April to Tivat. and Jet2holidays have also responded to the increasing trend for Spring and Easter holidays by adding extra capacity to Dubrovnik, Ibiza, Reus, and Rhodes in April and May. 


This move gives customers and independent travel agents even more options and flexibility when planning their early summer vacations.




New Flights to Popular Destinations


In addition to the expanded capacity, and Jet2holidays have put new flights on sale to Antalya, Bodrum, Faro, Larnaca, Gran Canaria, Naples, Palma (Majorca), Menorca, Alicante, and Tenerife. These additions cater to the growing number of holidaymakers eager to book their getaways earlier in the summer season.


Photo: Kyle Hayes | AeroXplorer


Here's a breakdown of the additional flights and holidays on sale from each base:


  • Belfast International Airport offers additional services to Dubrovnik in March and Ibiza and Rhodes in March and April.


  • At Birmingham Airport, flights to Girona and Izmir have been added starting from the end of March, extending the summer season for these two destinations. Extra capacity has also been added to Ibiza, Dubrovnik, and Reus in March and April.


  • Travelers flying from Bristol Airport can enjoy additional services to Bodrum and Faro in April, with more flights added to Ibiza and Larnaca in March.


  • East Midlands Airport now offers additional services to Ibiza in March, Reus, and Rhodes in April, Menorca in April and May, and Izmir in May.


  • Edinburgh Airport has expanded its offerings to seven destinations for Summer 24. Extra services are available to Dubrovnik in April, Ibiza, Reus, and Palma (Majorca) in March and April, and Rhodes, Naples, and Gran Canaria in April.


  • Glasgow Airport's program has been expanded to five destinations, including an extended summer season to Izmir. Flights to Izmir are available from the beginning of April. Additional services are also provided to Ibiza in March, Reus and Bodrum in April, and Rhodes in April and May.


  • Leeds Bradford Airport now offers an expanded program to seven destinations. The season starts earlier in Girona and Izmir, with services available from the beginning of April. 


  • Additional capacity has been added to Alicante, Tenerife, and Ibiza in March and Reus and Rhodes in March and April.


  • At Manchester Airport, extra capacity has been added to eight destinations for Summer '24. The summer season has been extended for Tivat, Girona, and Izmir, with flights available from the end of March to Izmir and Girona and from the beginning of April to Tivat. 


  • Extra services are also provided to Antalya in March, Dubrovnik in March and April, Ibiza in March, and Reus and Rhodes in March and April.


  • Newcastle International Airport now offers additional services to seven destinations. New services to Izmir and Girona are available from the beginning of April, extending the summer season for these hotspots. Additional services have been added to Reus in April and May, Dubrovnik in May, Ibiza in March, and Rhodes and Tenerife in April.


  • London Stansted Airport has expanded to four destinations, including an earlier start to the summer season in Tivat and Izmir, with flights operating from the beginning of April. Extra capacity has been added to Dubrovnik in April and May and Ibiza in March.




With this significant expansion, and Jet2holidays provide holidaymakers with increased options, flexibility, and an extended summer season to their favorite sunshine destinations.


Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2, said, “As the UK’s largest tour operator, we are continuing to react quickly to the demand we are seeing by adding on even more capacity for Summer 24. Customers and independent travel agents have been flocking to book holidays for the early summer season. 


Photo: Héctor Garcia | AeroXplorer


"We are delighted to offer even more choice and flexibility to 17 sun destinations, giving holidaymakers many opportunities to get away on our award-winning flights and holidays." Added Steve Heapy.




Steve Heapy said, "By extending the season to Tivat, Girona, and Izmir and adding additional services to a host of destinations for the early summer season, we are giving customers exactly what they want – an early slice of the summer sun. We know just how much they will jump at the chance to get away and grab this.” 

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