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Daytona Beach Airport Holds Paper Airplane Challenge

Daytona Beach Airport Holds Paper Airplane Challenge


National Aviation Day in the United States is on August 19, and while it will be hard for Avgeeks to celebrate together, there are ways to safely have fun. You can have a group flight in a flight sim, or a socially distanced spotting session, but DAB is holding their own special event.

Aerial view of runway 7R, Daytona Beach International Airport, 2007-11-03.jpg
Daytona Beach Airport will hold a paper airplane competition to celebrate National Aviation Day. Flickr

Daytona Beach Airport, home of one of the world's most well known aeronautical universities, Embry-Riddle, will be holding a paper airplane challenge on August 19. The Floridian Airport will allow kids 18 and under to design and build their own aircraft, with the main building material being paper. Contests will be able to submit their aircraft at the airport between 9-11 A.M. on August 13-17. Pilots with the ERAU flight team will judge the contest.


Contestants will be able to win prizes based on the most accurate flight as well as the most creative aircraft design. Prizes include a tour of an Embry-Riddle aircraft as well as a behind the scenes tour of Daytona Beach Airport. The winner will be contacted through email and announced publicly on their Instagram, @flydab_.

Memers of the ERAU flight team will judge the paper airplane competition at DAB. Flickr

How do you plan to celebrate National Aviation Day? If you live near DAB, are you going to enter? Let us know, and stay safe!

Kyle Jonas
Kyle is a high-school age aviation enthusiast born in Washington, D.C. but living in Chicago. He has always loved aviation. He lives right in between the approach paths for ORD and MDW, so he can watch the wide variety of aircraft land from his house. He hopes to become a commercial pilot when he grows older. In addition to aviation, Kyle likes baseball and running.

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