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Boeing Creates Starliner for Nasa With Massive Flaws

Boeing Creates Starliner for Nasa With Massive Flaws


Boeing is facing backlash yet again. In the midst of working out their issues around the 737 Max 8, Boeing must work out another problem. Boeing created a spacecraft called the Starliner, which had a test flight in December. The unmanned pod narrowly avoided catastrophe due to a software glitch. Boeing will now have to review over 1,000,000 lines of code.

Boeing's Starliner pod. Getty Images

The initial error was discovered while the aircraft was in flight and fixed before the pod landed. NASA said that there were "a lot of anomalies" and they are working with Boeing to review the flight and figure out what exactly went wrong. One thing they did discover was that the clock was programmed wrong. Although this sounds like a minor problem, the "spacecraft queried the rocket too early, before the clock had been properly set." It also caused the spacecraft to "deplete its propellant"


Another thing that was discovered was a valve mapping issue. This controls the separation of the pod. This is important because the crew stays in one module while fuel module burns up. Boeing will still work with NASA to review the software and see if there are any more issues and glitches. Boeing will also continue to work with NASA on SpaceX.


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