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Airport Operations (Overview)

Airport Operations (Overview)

Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Jasper Kringen

If you have been to an airport before, it's always good to familiarize yourself with its day-to-day operations. Every airport has four types of operation: Landside operation, Airside operation, Billing & Invoice operations, and information & management operation. 


Airside Operation


The Airside operation is responsible for all outside operations which operate the ramps,  the safety of the airport, and airport emergencies. This subdivision ensures that the outside operation runs smoothly and efficiently. The airside operations team also checks in with airline operations to ensure compliance with FAA regulations.


Landside Operation


Landside operations employees work mainly inside the airport. They conduct day-to-day operations in the terminal such as customer assistance. They also oversee the terminals, roadways, and properties outside the airport. Just like airside operations, landside also deals with safety and security such as TSA Security.


Billing and Invoice


The billing and invoice department is responsible for accounting and finances. They mainly manage flight bills, send invoices, manage cash flow, send staff payrolls, etc. 


Information Management


The information management division manages daily flight schedules, flight operations, and the connection with the airlines. 

So if you ever wonder how the airport operates, remember the departments: Airside Operation, Landside Operation, Billing and invoice, and information management.  



Citation and source:  Coleman, Courtney. “Airport Operations: What Are the Common Roles In This Field?” Everglades University, 22 Jan. 2020,

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