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TRIP REPORTS Oct 31, 2023 Tailwind Air: The Fastest Way Between NYC and Boston? Travelling between New York City and Boston is often a hassle for travelers looking to save time. Flying, driving, and taking the train all take over three hours to traverse the 200 miles between the two Northeastern Cities. One airline, Tailwind Air, claims to have a solution to this problem. Is the airline really the fastest way to travel between New York and Boston? Read More →
NEWS Sep 09, 2023 The Fastest Way In and Out of Manhattan Will Have You Land On Water This September, seaplane operator Tailwind Air is set to increase the number of flights on the airline's Manhattan to Boston Harbor route. This comes as the airline is seeing an increased demand for faster, more convenient flights between the U.S. cities. Read More →
NEWS 737 Lands in San Diego Missing Tail Parts A Swift Air 737-800(N820TJ) was spotted landing with part of the tail missing. Read More →