TUESDAY JUN 25, 2024
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NEWS Jun 18, 2024 BA Faces Minor Fault: Passengers Endure London Round Trip Flight Passengers were stuck on a nine-hour “flight to nowhere” after a British Airways plane from London to Texas was forced to turn around in mid-air. The flight departed from Heathrow Airport at 10am on Monday and had reached Newfoundland, Canada, when a minor technical issue forced it to turn back Read More →
NEWS Jun 18, 2024 Possible Bird Strike Causes Passenger Plane To Burst into Flames Mid-Air A suspected bird strike has caused a Virgin Australia plane to make an emergency landing in New Zealand after one of its engines caught fire shortly after takeoff. The Melbourne-bound flight left Queenstown on Monday evening with footage emerging later that appeared to show fire coming from the Boeing 737-800. Read More →
NEWS Jun 13, 2024 A Panoramic Windowless Cabin Has Set the Business Aviation Abuzz Spike Aerospace has been stirring up quite the buzz with its ambitious supersonic transport project, as Business Aviation is one of the prime reasons for the modernization of the aviation industry. Read More →
NEWS Jun 09, 2024 United Airlines Starts Serving Personalized Ads to Passenger Seat-Back Entertainment Devices United Airlines announced the launch of Kinective Media by United Airlines that will bring personalized advertisements to passenger's inflight entertainment screens. United will begin to use demographic information, such as hometowns, flight information, and age to create aggregated and anonymized audience segments who will receive ads that are more personalized to their backgrounds. Read More →
NEWS May 31, 2024 Chicago O'Hare Unveils New Terminal Plans Six years after it was first announced, O'Hare International Airport unveiled renderings for a new concourse built in the coming years. Dubbed a "game changer for the City of Chicago", this new concourse is part of the airport's massive renovation project. Read More →
NEWS May 21, 2024 Australia, New Zealand Evacuate Citizens From New Caledonia By Air The governments of Australia and New Zealand have announced that they will be sending “government” planes to New Caledonia to evacuate their citizens from the French territory following a week of riots. Currently, around 3,200 people are stranded in, or outside of New Caledonia due to suspended flights and air travel into the French territory. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 20, 2024 G5 Geomagnetic Storm May Affect Aviation Communication, Navigation A severe geomagnetic storm may interrupt GPS satellites, power grids, and mobile phone networks this weekend. It is the result of a series of solar flares that began on Wednesday May 8 and is expected to have its maximum effect on May 10-11. This is the first such solar storm to over in nearly 20 years. Read More →
ROUTES May 11, 2024 JetBlue Announces Major Puerto Rico Expansion; New Mint Service JetBlue announces major expansion in Puerto Rico with six new routes and upgrades six routes to include Mint business class. Read More →
NEWS May 11, 2024 SAF Powered Test Flight Shows Reduction in Carbon Emissions Virgin 100 was the first ever flight to cross the Atlantic Ocean on 100% sustainable aviation fuels. After a year of planning between numerous companies, regulatory approval for the unique blend of SAF used, and six months of data analysis after the flight, Virgin Atlantic has released results showing a major reduction in carbon emissions. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 08, 2024 Smoking in the Sky Smoking in some places was allowed on airplanes until the early-2000s. Legislation and rules now prohibit it, which can land you with harsh legal action if caught. What rules against smoking exist in 2024? Read More →