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NEWS Jan 27, 2024 Disappearing Flight Attendants: A Mystery for Pakistan International Airlines Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has faced no shortage of struggles over the past decade.¬†Currently, the carrier is in the process of potential privatization as a last-effort attempt to save it from collapse.¬†However, an unusual series of issues have started affecting the airline more recently. This relates to the increasing number of PIA flight attendants reportedly "disappearing" in Toronto. Read More →
NEWS Aug 28, 2023 Lufthansa CEO Becomes Flight Attendant on Two Flights Lufthansa's CEO, Jens Ritter, took a break from his regular duties to become a flight attendant on two flights. He was part of the cabin crew on a round-trip flight between Lufthansa's primary hub of Frankfurt Airport and the Middle East. Ritter wanted to work as a flight attendant to explore the aviation industry from a different perspective. Read More →
NEWS Aug 06, 2023 Flight Attendant Threatens No-Fly List to Passenger Over Catering Mishap A United Airlines elite frequent flyer was threatened by a flight attendant after an incident relating to an extra serving of Manicotti. Read More →
NEWS Sep 28, 2022 VIDEO: Passenger Assaults American Airlines Flight Attendant A Friday afternoon flight turned violent after a passenger assaulted an American Airlines flight attendant shortly after takeoff. The passenger was restrained and arrested upon the aircraft's arrival in Los Angeles. Read More →
NEWS United Sued for Filling NFL Charters with Young, Blonde Flight Attendants A lawsuit filed against United Airlines alleges the airline only allowed young, blonde flight attendants to staff NFL charter flights. Read More →
NEWS Icelandair Fires all Flight Attendants, Replaces Them With Pilots Icelandair fired all of its flight attendants after negotiations between the Airline and the cabin crew failed. Read More →