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The Complete List of U.S. Airlines Affected by COVID-19

The Complete List of U.S. Airlines Affected by COVID-19


There's no doubt the aviation industry has been affected by COVID-19, and many airlines have made dramatic changes to their operations. Here is the list of airlines in the US who've made major changes due to COVID-19, as of 3/29/2020.



Alaska A320
An Alaska Airlines A320 landing at SJC. Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Arkin Si



1. Alaska Airlines

  • Alaska has yet to have ground any aircraft.
  • Alaska Airlines has announced a 70% cut to their schedule between April and May.


2. American Airlines

  • Grounded 267 aircraft (31% of entire fleet). Delta has grounded at least partially every aircraft in its fleet.
  • American Airline announced there will be a 70-80% cut by May, and international capacity will be down between 80-90%.
  • Accelerated the retirement of their 757 and 767. They plan on retiring all of the 757s by fall of 2021, and 767s by May 2020.
  • One American Airlines flight attendant has died from COVID-19




Delta  A220-100
A Delta A220 landing in San Diego. Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Gabriel Davenport




3. Delta Air Lines

  • Grounded 329 aircraft (28% of entire fleet). Delta has grounded at least partially every aircraft in its fleet.
  • Delta announced a 80% cut in flights over the next few months.
  • Delta is offering free flights to medical volunteers looking to fly to the "front lines".


4. Hawaiian Airlines

  • Hawaiian has yet to ground any aircraft.
  • Hawaiian announced almost an entire suspension of flights through the end of April.


5. JetBlue

  • JetBlue has yet to ground any aircraft.
  • JetBlue announced at least a 55% reduction in capacity in April and May.


6. Southwest Airlines

  • Grounded 51 aircraft (7% of entire fleet). Southwest have only grounded their 737-700.
  • Southwest plans to cut around 1,000 flights, which is about 25% of Southwest's operations.



United B788
A United 787 at Dulles Airport. Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Daniel Mena



7. United Airlines

  • Grounded 230 aircrafts (28% of entire fleet).
  • United Airlines has announced a 95% cut to its international schedule, and major cuts to its domestic flights. United has grounded at least partially every aircraft in its fleet.
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