TUESDAY JUN 25, 2024
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NEWS Aug 07, 2021 United Airlines Makes Vaccines Mandatory For All Employees Today United Airlines announced that it is requiring that all of its employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. This makes the Chicago-based carrier the first major airline in the United States to implement such a policy. Read More →
NEWS Mar 03, 2021 Lufthansa to Set Up Covid Lounge in Moscow Lufthansa announced that they plan to set up a "Covid Lounge" for wealthier passengers in Moscow Airport. Germany has a vaccine shortage, and the lounge will allow rich patrons to fly to Moscow and receive Russia's Sputnik V vaccine without ever actually entering the country. Read More →
NEWS Feb 12, 2021 Etihad Becomes First Airline to Have all Crewmembers Vaccinated Emirates has become the first major airline to have all of their cabin crew vaccinated for the Coronavirus. Read More →
NEWS American Airlines Begins Distributing COVID-19 Vaccine On Sunday, American Airlines flew its very first flight carrying shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccines, whose final destination would be a U.S. territory in the Caribbean, were flown from Chicago (ORD) to Miami (MIA) onboard a Boeing 777-200. American has joined a number of other airlines in the effort to distribute the newly authorized vaccine throughout the country. Read More →
NEWS United Airlines Announces Plan to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine United Airlines has announced a plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines on behalf of Pfizer. How will they distribute them? Read this article to learn more. Read More →