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ROUTES Apr 04, 2024 The World's Longest Domestic Flight: 21 Hours on an Airbus A350 Although it does not operate as a nonstop flight, Air France’s direct Paris to Papeete service clocks in at around 21 to 22 hours, with a stop in Los Angeles. It is one of the many airlines that operates the second leg of the journey from Los Angeles to Papeete. Read More →
ROUTES Apr 03, 2024 Going to France? Airlines Announce Massive Flight Expansions Ahead of Olympics Anyone interested in travel has likely visited France or has the country on their bucket list. France’s popularity as a travel destination means that several Canadian, French, and American carriers offer nonstop flights between North America and France. These airlines have announced new flights ahead of the busy summer travel season, with this year being especially memorable because of the Paris Olympics. Read More →
STORIES Apr 02, 2024 Remembering Hooters Air: The Restaurant's Attempt to Launch an Airline Hooters Air was a short-lived brand experiment by the US-based restaurant chain that ultimately failed. However, it did intrigue the public enough for many to try it. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 01, 2024 Delta Spent $1 Billion to Show Your Favorite Movies on Its Flights. Here's Why In-flight entertainment is a key part of the passenger experience, especially on long-haul flights. Many airlines have entire teams devoted to providing a strong selection of in-flight entertainment for their passengers. Airlines aim to appeal to film and TV enthusiasts amid the rise of film tourism: making trips based entirely around movies or TV shows. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 23, 2024 The Paris Olympics: How Airlines Support Sports Tourism in 2024 Sports tourism is one of the fastest-growing areas of the travel industry, with an increasing number of travelers making trips based entirely on attending sports events. 2024 will be a strong year for sports tourism due to high-profile events like the Summer Olympics in Paris. Read More →
NEWS Mar 18, 2024 What Passengers Traveling by Air for March Madness Should Know Sports enthusiasts are excited to complete their NCAA March Madness brackets and see which college basketball teams will compete in this year's tournament. Teams will travel across the country to play each other, mostly on commercial flights. Meanwhile, flight searches and prices have risen in several cities amid high passenger demand to attend games. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 16, 2024 Music Tourism's Impact on Aviation and the Global Economy Music tourism is now an established subset of the travel industry. Many people travel to see their favorite artist perform a concert or to attend music festivals. Airlines benefit from passengers' willingness to spend high prices on music experiences, with flight searches and bookings increasing rapidly ahead of such events. Read More →
ROUTES Mar 07, 2024 United Airlines Announces Three New International Destinations, Adds More Flights on Existing Routes United Airlines will introduce nonstop flights to three new international destinations and expand frequencies on existing international routes. The new routes will serve Marrakesh (RAK), Cebu (CEB), and Medellín (MDE). The carrier will also add more weekly or daily flights on existing routes to multiple European and Asian destinations. Read More →
ROUTES Feb 27, 2024 Delta Air Lines Adds Flights From Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth to Detroit for Total Solar Eclipse Delta Air Lines will offer special flights for astronomy enthusiasts interested in seeing the total solar eclipse on April 8. Delta will offer two flights that will follow the path of totality, traced on the Earth's surface by the moon's shadow. The flights will go from Austin (AUS) and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to the airline's Detroit (DTW) hub on April 8. Read More →
ROUTES Feb 26, 2024 Aeroméxico Announces Nonstop Flights Between Mexico City and Tampa Aeroméxico will commence flights between Mexico City (MEX) and Tampa (TPA) on July 1, marking the first time in 30 years that any airline has offered service between the two cities. The carrier will fly the route daily utilizing its Embraer E190 aircraft, which seats 88 passengers in economy class and 11 in its premium cabin. Read More →