MONDAY JUN 17, 2024
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NEWS Jan 29, 2024 Aeroméxico Flight Stuck on Tarmac for Hours Forces Passenger to Open Emergency Door and Walk on Wing for Fresh Air Authorities in Mexico City have detained an Aeroméxico passenger for allegedly opening the emergency door while the plane was stuck on the tarmac on January 25. The man who opened the emergency door to access the wing claims it was necessary to get fresh air as the passengers were not provided food, drinks, or any other relief. Aeroméxico representatives have stated that the aircraft had mechanical problems, and the flight was set to undergo an aircraft swap when the incident occurred. Read More →
NEWS Jan 29, 2024 Six People Hospitalized After American Airlines Flight Makes Hard Landing in Hawaii The hard landing of an American Airlines flight at Kahului Airport (OGG) in Maui led to six people being hospitalized on January 27. American Airlines flight 271 (AA 271) flew from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and landed at the main airport serving Maui at approximately 2:00 p.m. local time. The hard landing created minor injuries for one passenger and five flight attendants. All six people were later released from the hospital. Read More →
NEWS Jan 26, 2024 Virgin Atlantic Flight Grounded After Passenger Spots Four Missing Bolts on Wing On January 15, a Virgin Atlantic flight from Manchester Airport (MAN) to New York City's JFK Airport (JFK) was canceled moments before takeoff after an observant passenger spotted four missing bolts on the Airbus A330's wing. Read More →
NEWS Jan 24, 2024 Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 Aircraft Loses Nose Gear Before Takeoff in Atlanta A Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 lost part of its nose gear shortly before takeoff at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). On January 20, Delta Air Lines Flight DL982 was preparing for a regularly scheduled departure to Bogota, Colombia (BOG). As the 757 was taxiing onto the runway, one of the nose gear tires reportedly came loose and rolled off. Read More →
NEWS Jan 19, 2024 SpiceJet Under Fire After Passenger Gets Stuck in Bathroom for Entire Flight A passenger onboard a SpiceJet flight found himself locked inside the lavatory as he went to use it. As an unfortunate addition to this debacle, the crew could not get the door open in flight despite their best efforts, leaving the passenger stuck inside for the majority of the flight. Read More →
NEWS Dec 12, 2023 Engine Failure Prompts Ryanair 737 MAX to Make Emergency Landing in Portugal The week has barely started, and we are already in for a ride. This morning at around 9:20 am (local time) in the South of Portugal a Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 8, was forced to make an emergency landing at Faro Airport in Portugal. Ryanair flight (FR1249) carrying 164 passengers between Manchester, UK and Tenerife, Spain, suffered an engine failure, forcing the pilots to make an emergency landing at Gago Coutinho Airport (FAO) in southern Portugal. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Dec 10, 2023 What Happens If a Passenger Dies Mid-Flight? While such incidents are extremely rare we can't be unprepared for it. Things can happen, whether we are at ground level or 35,000 feet in the air. That's why the FAA and IATA have set procedures in case such an incident does occur. Read More →
NEWS Nov 01, 2023 United Airlines Aircraft Diverts Mid-Flight as Woman Goes Into Labor A United Airlines flight returned to San Francisco en-route to Honolulu on Monday when a woman onboard went into labor. The plane landed safely and medical professionals assisted the mother and child. Read More →
NEWS Oct 23, 2023 Off-Duty Pilot Attempts to Crash Alaska Airlines Plane An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to divert early Sunday night after an off-duty pilot attempted to crash the plane. The off-duty pilot responsible for the incident is facing 83 counts of attempted murder. The incident highlights the importance of mental health in aviation. Read More →
NEWS Aug 17, 2023 LATAM Pilot Dies Mid-Flight A LATAM Airlines pilot suffered a medical emergency mid-flight between Miami and Santiago, forcing a diversion to Panama City. Unfortunately, the pilot passed away following the emergency landing. Read More →