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Berlin Airport (BER) Faces Problems in the Second Month After Opening

Berlin Airport (BER) Faces Problems in the Second Month After Opening


Berlin's Brandenburg Airport was much delayed for an opening that was supposed to happen in Late 2012. 8 years and the airport is now opened but at the wrong time.


On the 8th November this year, BER replaced the famous Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) which served Berlin (along with West Berlin 1949-90) since its opening in 1948 after World War 2.


Photo of D-AIBJ - Lufthansa Airbus A319-100 at TXL
A Lufthansa A320 resting at Berlin's Tegel Airport. Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Panteley Shmelev


In 1992, some two years after Germany reunited, the Brandenburg Airport planning begun. The intention was that the airport (being a reunification project) would be built within 18-20 years. This didn't happen; it opened on 31st October 2020 and used the old buildings from Berlin's Schonefeld Airport which served East Berlin's passengers. The current intention is to use these until 2026.


Photo of EI-FJH - Norwegian Air Boeing 737-800 at TXL
Norwegian is one of the many airlines which are experiencing reduced passenger numbers due to the pandemic. Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Panteley Shmelev


Less than 2 months after opening, part of the airport has already closed, and Germany's lockdown passenger numbers have had a 92% drop. As a result, some airlines such as Ryanair have begun completely suspending flights from East Midlands (EMA, EGNX) for a brief period of time. It is not yet known when the airport will fully - or even partially - reopen.

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