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NEWS Jul 29, 2023 Oshkosh Day 4: MiGs, a B-29 Superfortress, and More Day 4 at Oshkosh was another action-packed day with some special new arrivals into the grounds. We caught up with our team as temperatures reached close to 90 degrees, being the hottest day at AirVenture so far. Read More →
NEWS Jul 26, 2023 EAA Oshkosh AirVenture Day 2 Wows the Crowd From the excitement of Delta‚Äôs A350 to the Growler Demo Team performing an amazing show, Day 2 of Oshkosh 2023 was filled with action and entertainment. Read More →
NEWS May 18, 2023 U.S. Gun Violence Prompts Travel Warnings From Multiple Countries In response to the recent surge in mass shootings in the United States, several countries have warned travellers planning to visit American destinations concerning the threat of gun violence. Read More →
NEWS Apr 19, 2023 Grounded Russian Antonov AN-124 Will Be Flown to Ukraine Canada will give a grounded, Russian-registered Antonov AN-124 to Ukraine. The move comes amidst a new round of sanctions against the Russian government and enterprises within the country. Read More →
NEWS Mar 16, 2023 VIDEO: American Drone Crashes After Encountering Russian Fighters Over the Black Sea Russian Air Force Su-27s have caused an American MQ-9 reaper drone to crash into the Black Sea in international airspace. This is the first incident of its kind since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war in February 2022. Read More →
STORIES May 10, 2022 Top 5 Liveries at San Diego List and explanation of my top 5 liveries to come through San Diego with descriptions of each in addition to a brief list of honorable mentions. Read More →
NEWS Feb 15, 2022 The Famous United Airlines Star Wars Plane is No More Today marks the end of the line for N36272, which is set to fly to Amarillo tonight for repainting. This Boeing 737-800 was famously painted with a Star Wars scheme to celebrate the release of the movie Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. One side of the aircraft was painted red to represent the dark side, while the other was painted in blue to represent the light side. Read More →
NEWS Aug 16, 2021 Afghanistan Falls to Taliban, Aviation Grinds to a Halt The Taliban has retaken Kabul, leading to a massive disruption in aviation and a mad dash to evacuate from the city and country. Read More →