SUNDAY JUL 14, 2024
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NEWS Apr 24, 2023 Abu Dhabi's Mubadala to Invest $2.5B in Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production in Brazil Abu Dhabi's Mubadala will invest $2.5 billion in Brazil on a plant that will produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel. The country has a large supply of resources that could establish itself as a global hub for SAF production. Read More →
NEWS Apr 22, 2023 Celebrating Earth Day: Air Canada Purchases 9.5 Million Liters of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Air Canada purchased 9.5 million liters of sustainable aviation fuel from Neste to celebrate Earth Day. The airline is looking to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Read More →
NEWS Apr 22, 2023 Delta Air Lines Buys Sustainable Aviation Fuel For Los Angeles Hub Delta Airlines has purchased up to 10 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel for use at its hub at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Read More →
NEWS Apr 18, 2023 Air France-KLM Secures €2.2 Billion in Revolving Credit Facilities Linked to ESG KPIs Air France-KLM and its subsidiaries Air France and KLM have entered into agreements for two revolving credit facilities (RCFs) worth €2.2 billion. These facilities are tied to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) key performance indicators (KPIs) as part of the group's commitment to sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions. Read More →
NEWS Apr 14, 2023 Ryanair to Power All Flights From Amsterdam with SAF Ryanair, the largest airline in Europe, revealed on April 12 that it had expanded its collaboration with Neste, a leading sustainable aviation fuel supplier, using a 40% SAF blend from April 1. Read More →
NEWS Apr 10, 2023 Airbus and China Sign Next Phase of Partnership Airbus and China have recently signed an agreement of partnership. This agreement aims to set up a second Final Assembly Line in Tianjin, China, and increase the use of SAFs for a more sustainable future. Read More →
NEWS Apr 09, 2023 Latin America to Establish Itself as a Producer of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Latin American countries such as Brazil and Colombia are expanding SAF production. Many of these countries have large supplies of palm oil and biofuels that will make it more efficient for them to produce these biofuels. Read More →
NEWS Apr 04, 2023 Snohomish County to Build Research Center for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Washington State, which has established itself as an aerospace hub over the past several decades, is looking to shift its focus to green aviation. Snohomish County has partnered with Washington State University to establish an R&D center focusing on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 30, 2023 Japan and Australia's Plans for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Sustainable aviation fuel is growing in popularity amid ongoing plans by the aviation sector to decarbonize. Japan and Australia are cooperating to expand the production of SAFs. Read More →
NEWS Jan 29, 2023 ZeroAvia Makes History with Largest Hydrogen-Electric Powered Aircraft A California manufacturer named ZeroAvia has just paved a significantly bigger path toward the mass use of sustainable aviation fuel with a Dornier 228. Read More →