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NEWS May 04, 2021 Bubble Between Singapore, Hong Kong Set to Launch in May Singapore and Hong Kong set to begin air travel bubble on 26th May 2021. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Apr 27, 2021 Flying with Qatar Airways During COVID (Part 2) Join me on my return flight from Dubai to Oslo via Doha aboard Qatar Airways! Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 18, 2021 Cargo-Only Flights Explained Before the pandemic, 5-10% of the revenue that airlines brought in was from cargo aboard passenger flights. Once passenger flights began decreasing, airlines needed a new way to ship cargo. They began operating cargo-only flights to keep up with demand while minimizing losses in revenue. In one week, United Airlines operated over 75 cargo flights weekly just to stay afloat. Read More →
NEWS Mar 31, 2021 FAA Cracks Down on Unruly Passengers Refusing to Wear Masks The FAA is cracking down on passengers who refuse to comply with mask and social distancing measures onboard. Not long after taking office, President Joe Biden announced a federal mask mandate on public transportation, including airplanes which have been supported by infectious disease experts at the CDC. The TSA has the authority to fine passengers who are not wearing masks up to over $1,000. However, many Americans continue to refuse to follow these guidelines, resulting in a spike of unruly passenger incidents both on the ground and in the air being reported to the FAA. On March 16, the Washington Post reported that 20 of 450 reports would be formally investigated by the FAA, which also reaffirmed the agency's "zero tolerance" policy towards passengers who refuse to wear masks. Read More →
NEWS Feb 17, 2021 Ryanair to Deliver 16 Lawsuits Over Selective Government Subsidies Ryanair will be challenging the European Union's General Court and appealing to the European Court of Justice after losing its legal battle against state bailouts, which were granted to rival flag carriers, including Air France-KLM and SAS during COVID-19. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Flying Domestically with SAS During COVID Join me as I fly with SAS domestically from Trondheim to Oslo and back. Read More →
NEWS Europe Explores Standardized COVID Passports The European Commission is working on a standard COVID vaccine passport, which would allow for an easy verification that one is vaccinated. If completed, this would allow for more effortless travel between participants. Officials from these countries plan to meet virtually this week to look deeper into making this a reality. So far, a number of countries have already shown their support for this idea, hinting that it could be widely approved in the near future. Read More →
NEWS Airlines Improve Safety Ahead of Presidential Inauguration Legacy carriers are taking unprecedented action to avoid a repeat of last Wednesday's violence in Washington Read More →
ROUTES JetSmart Commences Flights Between Santiago and Salvador At the end of December 2020, the Brazilian summer season began strong with the commencement of flights between Santiago de Chile and Salvador by the Chilean airline JetSmart. Despite the pandemic, and the beginning of mass vaccination in the world, JetSmart is optimistic to repeat the success of last season, where it transported about eleven thousand passengers between the two cities. Read More →
NEWS Berlin Airport (BER) Faces Problems in the Second Month After Opening The infamous Berlin Airport (BER) now faces awful problems no one could have predicted. Read More →