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NEWS Jun 27, 2024 The World’s First Hybrid Airline: Air Premia You may be familiar with the two main groups of airlines: full-service carriers and low-cost carriers. But have you ever heard of a "hybrid" airline? Today, we will look at the world's first example of such an airline: Air Premia from South Korea. Read More →
NEWS Jun 26, 2024 Will We Ever See United 737 MAX 10s? With Boeing continuously in the hot seat, many once-loyal customers are rethinking their future fleet strategies. Specifically, the constant controversies involving shoddy build quality and issues with newer planes like the 737 MAX are too much to ignore. Such issues have prompted United Airlines, a loyal Boeing customer, to rethink its future fleet possibly without the Boeing 737 MAX 10, which it has over 100 orders for. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 22, 2024 Willing To Give up Your Seat? A Look Into Voluntary Bumping and How To Maximize Compensation Oftentimes on oversold flights, airlines will ask passengers to voluntarily accept a later flight, or a “bump,” in exchange for monetary compensation. Voluntary bumping has grown in popularity over recent years as airlines attempt to decrease the number of involuntary bumps. But what are voluntary bumps and how can you maximize your compensation? Read More →
STORIES Jun 21, 2024 I Flew Around the World. Here's How it Went. Recently, I flew around the globe, with a trip to Southeast Asia in the mix as well. Some general outtakes from my adventure were positive, as the budget airlines in Asia blew my expectations. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 21, 2024 Why Is Airport Food So Expensive? Airports' high food costs result from pricey rent, delivery fees, and staff retention. Storage fees and transportation costs raise prices. Vendors face challenges keeping staff, leading to re-training costs and adding extra expenses Read More →
STORIES Jun 21, 2024 The Incomplete Guide To Becoming an Airline CEO: Sir Tim Clark Sir Timothy Charles Clark KBE FRAeS is a British business executive and the President of Dubai based Airline Emirates since January 2003. He was also the Managing Director of SriLankan Airlines until 2008. Read More →
NEWS Jun 20, 2024 How Is the Aviation Industry Combating Cybersecurity Threats? Aircraft use all sorts of technological navigation equipment when they are flying through the sky. But what happens when that equipment doesn't give the right readings? Read about GPS Spoofing, giving aircraft false signals to lead them astray. Read More →
NEWS Jun 20, 2024 Power Outage at San Francisco Airport Impacts Flights, Causes Hours of Delays A partial power outage at San Francisco International Airport caused brief confusion and inconvenience for travelers Wednesday morning. The outage has since been resolved. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 17, 2024 Why Using Mobile Devices on Airplanes Are Prohibited During Takeoff and Landing. Why mobile phones can't be used during takeoff and landing: there are certain reasons to acknowledge that why using mobile devices on airplanes is prohibited during certain stages of their flight. Read More →
NEWS Jun 17, 2024 The Insane Growth of Turkish Airlines When you think of an airline that never seems to stop growing, there’s no better example than Turkish Airlines. The carrier continues to rapidly expand its already massive global reach, having inaugurated its newest American destination with more expected to follow soon. Not only this but Turkish recently placed a massive aircraft order with rumors that another one will be coming shortly as well. Read More →